alfonsopoopoofatty3rd asked:
    Can you cook?

    Of course, I love to cook.

    Anonymous asked:
    Do you have a snapchat.??



    but i don’t get on much

    Anonymous asked:
    Why don't you accept requests for instagram???

    I do but I have over 800 request so I only do a few at a time when I have time.

    Anonymous asked:
    Hey just wondering you reblogged the video about racism in the barbershop does that happen to you and your black boyfriend and, why do you think? My parents are different races my mom black and dad white, stuff back in the day happened but like I thought now a days stuff went away. We live in Canada so stuff might be better off here. Just curious about america sorry if I seem nosy.

    It may have slowed down from back in the day but racism is not gone. I haven’t had anybody say or do anything toward my situation but at times I notice people giving us looks and just random things. I notice things around me all the time and it really bothers me because I don’t feel that people should be judged off the color of their skin. It works both ways though because all races do it not just certain ones. Just like if i was to date a Spanish guy they might look at me and think he should be with a Spanish girl, but they have no idea that I am part Spanish so all the opinion are not needed. All that matters is what makes us happy we don’t worry about others. Just like your parents came together and have you, great things come from us making our own choices.

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